AfroCandy banned by facebook, resurrects

US-based  Nigerian soft-porn star, Judith Opara Mazagwu, a.k.a AfroCandy has bounced back  weeks  after she was restricted from posting  nude pictures on her facebook page by the administrators of the social network.

Afro-CandyThe mother of two announced  her comeback on her facebook page during the week, saying “I was gone for a minute now I am  back again…I won’t be posting anymore sexy stuffs  here because of the censorship imposed on me by facebook.

Even though I am not as explicit as the Hollywood stars are..on the social network.”

She also announced launching her own social network site.”For that reason I have created my own socialnetwork; where I can post whatever I want and feel like,”she said.

Meanwhile, Afrocandy posted some x-rated pictures to  show what the website is all about

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