Anti-gay law: Rugged man, J’odie, others react on social media…

The recently signed anti-gay bill by President Goodluck Jonathan  has sent tongues wagging both in the local and foreign scene. An overwhelming percentage of Nigerians are happy with the law but then there is the minority who just can’t stomach it.

Our celebrities in this story have joined either side of the chorus on social media to express their support or disdain for the new law.

Rapper Rugged Man kicked it off with his tweet where he stressed the National Assembly had better issues to address than to speedily put together an anti-gay bill.

Rugged Man

Rugged Man

He tweeted…

But singer and song writer Jodie famous for her best selling hit single Kuchi Kuchi completely disagrees. On facebook, she wrote

Jodie Odiete

Jodie Odiete

Imagine if, 1842 (whatever that year could stand for), everyone decided to be gay…and their children and their children’s children, etc. Then I wonder if human beings would still exist talkless of fighting for gay rights. #justsaying

Others that have reacted so far is Tv/radio personality Tosyn Bucknor who wrote

Nigerian Transgender now model Miss SaHHara formerly known simply as Clifford according to social media reports, who used to live in the FCT before moving to the UK also kicked hard against the law

Clifford now Miss SaHHara

Clifford now Miss SaHHara

He/She tweeted…


“Nigeria took a giant step back to Middle Ages. Making gay people criminals isn’t going to end corruption or poverty. ”

The bill has already been passed into law and under it’s terms, anyone who enters into a same-sex marriage or civil union can be sentenced to 14 years in prison while any such partnerships entered into abroad are deemed “void”.

It also warns that anyone who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organisations or who directly or indirectly makes a public show of a same-sex relationship will break the law.

Punishment is up to 10 years in prison.


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