[PHOTOS] Arrested for stealing in Lagos again …..Yoruba actress Yetunde Akilapa beaten

yetunde akilapa

Stealing runs through her veins the way blood runs through yours!……This actress may not be a household name for you and i but she is slowly edging a name for herself as a thief…a thief who has keys that can open any door that you think you may have locked. Upcoming actress,Yetunde Akilapa is not a first time thief though,Her matter was in the news in February 2013, when it was reported that she was arrested for robbery by the police in Alade, in Somolu area of Lagos State.She was sent to the Kirikiri prison and after a few months there, she regained her freedom, precisely in November, 2013.

She has done it again, On Sunday Morning of January 12,2014,there was a loud noise in Magodo phase 2,No 15 Ibitayo street to be precise and people were shouting ”thief thief”! and running after a lady in a black dress …the lady in the black dress was running like a horse without shoes,running inside a walled estate…unfortunately for her,before she could get to the gate,the security on duty mobilised and caught her.

She was escorted back to number 15 Ibitayo street where she had been caught inside the master bedroom with a bunch of master keys hidden in her brassiere. the occupants of this house are not friends with the actress and have never met her before or share close friends with her but something strange may be the missing link.

The occupants of the flat had gone to church but the sister to the head of the family arrived home a little early to attend to her business, She put the key into the lock,opened the door,goes inside to find Yetunde who was startled and started stammering,she was asked what she was doing there and after mumbling some mumbo jumbo,she exited the flat and ran with her legs touching the back of her head……..there were cries of ”thief” to attract others and after they caught her,she was beaten to a pulp,questioned and handed over to the Police after she implicated a lot of innocent people in her story….these people however arrived the venue to clear their names after agreeing that they know her.

According to the report Yetunde insisted she has gone to wait for a friend inside the flat….She could not answer how she found herself inside until she was searched and a bunch of master keys found inside her brassiere.

The Actress is presently in custody of the police.

See Photos Below




yetunde akilapa


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