Reggae Reggae rumpus:- Family feud as man behind £30m chili sauce empire ‘leaves his children to struggle…

Two of Roots's daughters claimed he had never paid a penny in child support, at least four of his children are struggling on benefits, and one is effectively homeless after he refused to help her


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When he appeared on Dragons’ Den to market the Reggae Reggae Sauce, Levi Roots, from Brixton, south London, billed it as the ultimate family collaboration. But it seems that most of his eight children – by seven mothers – struggle to think of him as a family man. Law student Joanne Caesar (left), 33, said her father has cut her out of his life after she helped to develop the famous sauce and provided backing vocals on his advert. Her half-sister Sharlene Williams (inset), 32, said her father ‘took advantage’ of her by making her work at his shop without paying her a wage and refusing to make her an employee.


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