Kordale and Kaleb are both loving fathers!  They are also a  young successful gay couple living in Atlanta, who are raising children together.  Destroying all stereotypes about gay relationships, the dads are changing the way many people see blended families. A quick peek at their Instagram and Facebook pages, show  a normal family with two loving dads who help their kids with homework,  see them off to school, and shower them with all the love they need.


This week, the guys updated their Instagram with a photo of themselves tackling their daughters’ hair while getting them prepared for school.  They wrote:

Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30 am making breakfast getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30 .This is a typical day in our household . It’s not easy but we enjoy every moment and every minute of #fatherhood . #proudfathers#blackfathers#prouddads#gaydads

In an interview with BlogTalkRadio last year, the guys discussed what it was like as a gay couple raising kids together, as well as the example they want to set.

Check out a few highlights:

Kaleb: We live in a five-bedroom home. We have three beautiful children. There’s a room for Kordale. There’s a room for Kaleb and there’s a room for each individual child. The oldest child says, “Kaleb, you’re my daddy’s best, best, best best friend in the whole wide world.” I say that meaning the kids do not know that we are in a relationship. We don’t portray that image in front of the kids because we don’t want to put them in the mindset of being gay and that’s what you’re going to be because we are gay.

We want them to make their own decisions with whomever it is they choose to be with, no judgment. If our daughters decided that they want to be gay when they get older, my blessings. If they want to be straight, my blessings, and the same thing with our son. We’re not pushing them to be just like us. Truthfully, let them tell it they all have boyfriends and girlfriends. It’s so cute to hear them talk about it.

Their mother has a way that she’s raising them and we have a way that we raise them. We collectively come together as one unit as how we raise our children. The bond that we have with one another as parents is awesome. People are going to talk. It is what it is. We know what we do in this household and how we raise these children. They call me ‘Pops’ and they call their father [Kordale] ‘Dad.’

On day to day challenges in the life
Kaleb: Kordale and I are very much monogamous and we do not partake in anything outside of our relationship. We make an honest living. It’s just crazy to hear some of the things that people say. It’s crazy to see how hateful people can be in regards to our lifestyle. I read some things about us and it’s kind of sad. It doesn’t hurt because when you put life to be seen in the open and for people to have an opinion, you can only do one thing and respect that opinion.

As long as they’re aren’t disrespecting me and my family to our face then I don’t have a problem with it because you’re entitled to your opinion. To clear the air, coming from the horse’s mouth, he and I love one another. We’re just like any other couple, well most other couples, we partake in monogamous activities.

Kordale: The stuff that I see is mainly how people react to us in public toward us. We meet people who are scared of us. They wonder. We get a lot of negative comments mainly from females. A man will say something but it’s more so on the Internet or we overhear them. It’s crazy because even when I was a heterosexual I never looked at any sex, gender or sexes and said anything. I wasn’t raised like that. Just because we are gay, we have kids and we take care of our kids. We do a good job taking care of our kids. We love the mothers of our kids too and people say negative things. It’s just crazy and I don’t understand it.

On their future
Kaleb: Of course, as a couple we would like to progress. We have a love that we would like to share with the world. I wish that the two of us can give hope to people that live the lifestyle that we live, and show them that love is possible. To inspire others to do whatever it is they truly want to do and choose whomever they want to be with despite their sex, race, or gender. I feel like that’s something we can convey to anybody that’s willing to listen or watch. We would love to do a reality show to show our family, to show how we interact with the mother of the children. To show how my mom and his mom interact with us. It’s just all love because my parents look at him like another fourth son.  My brothers look at him as another brother. His sister and his brother look at me as another brother.

You should see how it’s nothing but love with our families. It just something that I want to show. I don’t want to show promiscuity. I don’t want to show the negative aspect that people have; the negative cogitation that people have about gay men or gay African American men. That’s something I would love to portray to people. WE would love to portray to people.

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