PHOTOS: I Want To Be The Next Rihanna – Nigerian Singer

Abimbola ‘Bim’ Fernandez, the daughter of gemstone entrepreneur Antonio Deinde Fernandez, has celebrated the release of her first single and the launch of her music career.

24-year-old Bim, who is based in New York, said she has embarked on her career without the help of her dad, who is reportedly worth a staggering  $8.7illion.


The Nigerian heiress has declared that she wants to be the next Rihanna. Speaking on her recently released single “Let’s Take It unclad,” she said “It’s very poppy, like, ‘I think you’re cute! Do you like me? So let’s get unclad!” I want it to be that song where it’s like, ‘Turn that song on! Let’s get ready! Let’s do shots!”


It was after Bim’s mother, Aduke, died last year that Bim finally decided to pursue her dream of stardom and step up her game as a tribute to her mom.


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