‘Sebi wo’ crooner, LACE drops Benin to Nigeria with love…..

LACE The Nigeria music industry will welcome the first album of emerging star and ace vocalist, Taiwo Agbohunsa, popularly known as LACE; the album titled Benin to Nigeria will drop on valentine day, 14th February.

LACE, the crooner of monster hit single ‘sebi wo’ is regarded as the future of trado-contemporary music in Africa, with his perfect blend of urban R & B and Hip-Hop.

Ever since he released his debut single titled ‘‘Sebiwo” back in 2010, Lace has been constantly defining a sound of his own and matured so much in his lyrical and singing prowess.

He is an eclectic singer with a unique crowd-pleasing ability and singing style as his lines are majorly delivered in his native Benin republic Mother-tongue (Egun), yoruba and English Language.

The album consists of dancehall hits like ‘which one you dey’, ‘feere’, soul-lifting ‘international’ and melodious ‘iyawomi’ among other songs that will please the listeners. ‘Omoge Campus’ featuring Sklaes, ‘Remember’, ‘no worry’, Dakpada are among songs expected to top music chart and enjoy massive airplays from DJs.

Ace and multi-award winning producer, Solomon Oyeniyi (K.Solo) supervised the production with prolific producers such as FlipTyce, Frankie Free and DJ Toxiq A taking credit for the production.

The Benin Republic artiste is under the management of Dozage Records, the brainchild of entrepreneur, Seun  Dosumu (Shawn Dozzy).  Dozage is home to some of Africa’s most exciting musical talents with dozens of awards and hit singles between them. LACE, along with label mates, Mayor Wete, Safin De Coque and the first lady of the label, Enny has brought their diverse musical backgrounds to the fore. The result is a perfect blend of soul, hip-hop, R&B, Ragga and Afrobeat.

Shawn Dozzy, has predicted that the record label will soon be regarded as the “Power House of Music in Africa.”

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