There will always be rivalry between me and Femi Kuti – Lagbaja


Afro beat musician, Lagbaja has disclosed that there will always be rivalry between him and Femi Kuti.

Lagbaja stated this in a recent interview with the National Mirror, when he was asked to clear the air on the alleged rivalry between him and Femi Kuti.

Well known for his ‘masked face’ Lagbaja has disclosed that there is nothing to clear because there  will always be rivalry.

“No! I don’t look at myself as better than anybody. I appreciate Femi’s music. And we relate well, you know. But there will always be some rivalry in terms of you’re doing this, can I do better? But my mentality will never be that of I’m better than you. All I do is to appreciate you. There’s no palaver at all.”

On his relationship with Femi Kuti’s father, he said “I am not playing afrobeat, but Fela is a big influence on me. If you listen to my music very well, you’ll hear juju in my talking drums. You’ll also hear afrobeat, apart from many other influences. I don’t play it, but I can tell you afrobeat is doing very well internationally. Very well because the way to measure how successful a style is, is when other people start to play that style. The reason many people are not playing it in Nigeria is because it’s more complex to perform.”


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