Nollywood Actress, Shan George Shares Photos of Her Sons…

Nollywood actress Shan George has shown off her two grown up sons – 27 years old Delnoi and 25 years old Jaga.


Delnoi, Shan george, Jaga

The Cross River State-born actress who is over forty years of age has been married thrice and has two sons.

The two are both graduates of University of East London. In the picture above Delnoi(the one on the right)  is a director in his dad’s company, while Jaga(the one on the left) is a hip-hop artiste.

First, she was Mrs. Nwosisi then she changed to Mrs. Momoh Osigwe and later to Mrs. Jaiyeola and before one could start to register the letter to her name she switched over to her maiden name again, Ms. George.

She was recently asked why she has been so unfortunate in marriage she said “I don’t know o. sometime I ask myself why it happens like that. I don’t know why my marriages will just collapse like a house that has no solid foundation. Honestly it bothers me, may be I am just unlucky”.



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