[ADULTERY SCANDAL] 2face Idibia, Annie react to reports that he impregnated a banker,say it is false


2face Idibia has reacted to reports that he got a banker named Teniola pregnant.

According to Icon Weekly magazine, the young Lagos banker who works for one of the new generation banks, Teniola, took in about three months ago.

The Magazine reported thus; “We gathered that Teniola, who hails from Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, has been 2Face’s account officer for a long time now. Teniola, a graduate of University of Lagos, might just be another victim of the pressures marketers in the banking sector face to lure customers with everything they have.

“The interesting part of the story is that 2Baba, as he’s fondly called, allegedly wants the pregnancy terminated! Our source revealed to us that he has been begging Teniola with a brand new car to get rid of the pregnancy and keep this scandal out of media radar.” The Magazine further reported.

Reacting to the report however, 2face Idibia sarcastically tweeted that he intends creating a local government of kids.

He further rubbished the report and claimed that if any of such had happened, he would have been the first to announce it to the media.

See his tweets below:

However,2face Idibia’s wife, Annie, has also reacted to false reports put out by Icon magazine claiming that the singer is expecting a child with a banker named Teniola and she took to twitter to defend her husband.


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